Whakarewarewa Forest Access & Closures

Whakarewarewa Forest is a commercial forest and therefore all persons wishing to access this forest must comply with the
Whakarewarewa General Forest Access Rules and Safety Behaviour Regulations. All access by vehicle requires a permit. Refer to RECREATIONAL ACCESS PERMITS or BUSINESS/CONTRACTOR ACCESS PERMITS for more information. People who do not follow these rules and requirements could be trespassed.

'Safety Message' for all Recreational Users

  • Please refer to Safety & Risk section for latest 'Safety Warnings'.
  • When entering a commercial forest  please adhere to all road and track closure signs, tapes and instructions and give way to all trucks and machinery at all times.
  • Beware of LOGGING TRUCKS OPERATING - Please give way to, and move to the side of the road for, all heavy vehicles, especially on hills, for your own safety and the safety of trucks and drivers.
  • MTB Tracks in recently logged areas may be passable but please check with the Redwoods Visitor Information Centre or Ride Rotorua Mountain Bike Club for clarification.

Whakrewarewa Forest Information & Safety Maps

Map to ACCESS & EMERGENCY MEETING POINTS - Map still to come

Whakarewarewa Commercial Forest Operations & Closures

  • Harvesting Operations - Hill Road (Updated 21/3/18)
    • Roads Affected:
      Logging trucks will enter through Hill Road gate, off Eight Mile Gate Road and head 'unloaded ' up Nice Road, Pipeline Road and Hill Road through to the harvesting site. Loaded trucks will exit via Hill Road.
      Moerangi Road, between Hill Road and Tawa Road is closed from 4am – 4pm week days. Access to the top of Tawa Road is still possible on foot and bike via Frontal Lobotomy MTB track.
      Chestnut Road is CLOSED for the duration of the operation.
    • Mountain Bike Tracks Affected:
      G-Rock, Chestnut Link and Dammit Janet MTB tracks will be 100% CLOSED to public for the duration of the operation
    • Other MTB tracks affected are Riff Raff/Rocky Horror, Billy-T, Corners, Te Mounga and Hatupatu. We hope to keep these closures to a minimum.
    • Shuttle Operations:
      To minimise the impact on the mountain bike shuttle service, we are allowing Southstar Shuttles to operate daily by using our security to guide them safely through the harvest site and up to the usual drop off zone (top of Tawa Road). At times there will be delays and possible restrictions when then health and safety risk is deemed too high. Please see the shuttle website or Facebook page (Southstar Shuttles Rotorua) for its schedule. 
  • Harvesting Operations have commenced in the Hill Road area. Harvesting crews will be operating from 4:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday. Please see  map for futher details and refer to track and road closures below:

Whakarewarewa Recreational Forest Access & Closures

  • NO HUNTING is permitted at any time.
  • Recreational access by foot, horse or bike does not require an access permit. For further road and track information refer to The Redwoods Visitor Centre or Ride Rotorua.
    WARNING: At times there will be commercial forest activities carried out within the forest and for your safety, access into these areas will be prohibited. This will be indicated by signage and hazard tape. Please ensure all signage and instructions are adhered to. On rare occasions, all access to Whakarewarewa Forest may be closed for safety and asset protection reasons. Please respect the forest closure decision an stay out until the forest is reopened. Please refer to the "Timberlands Notice Board" on this page for up to date information on commercial forest activities.
  • For any other activity or access by motorised vehicle an access permit and key is required. Refer to Business/Contractor Access Permits.
  • Refer to The Redwoods for all recreational track management and events.

Unauthorised Activities

  • It has been brought to the attention of TIMBERLANDS Limited (TL) that several unauthorised mountain bike tracks have recently been constructed in Whakarewarewa Forest. The construction of tracks or any other land or vegetation-disturbing activity within Whakarewarewa Forest requires the approval of both the forest manager (TL) and land owner (Central North Island Iwi Holdings Limited).  Presently this can only be obtained through a formal application submitted by the Rotorua Trails Trust. Anyone found undertaking these activities without authority will be trespassed and may face prosecution for willful damage.  Continued unauthorised track construction may jeopardise future track authorisations and ultimately the future of mountain biking in the forest. Please refrain from this activity.

General Information

  • Timberlands Limited is working to minimise the inconvenience for public use of the Whakarewarewa Forest during harvest operations and wishes to thank the public for their patience and cooperation.
  • All harvested areas will be replanted, if possible, in the next planting season.

Whakarewarea Forest Management Plan

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