Rare Species

Plantation forests provide habitat for many rare species.  A number of endangered or threatened species either live, feed or pass through TL managed forests.  These include kokako, kaka, long-tailed bats, fernbirds, falcon and whitehead.  TIMBERLANDS Limited follows best practices to protect and ensure the viability of these species and in particular use the NZFOA threatened species website to guide our approach.

Wingspan & Falcon

Raptors (falcon, morepork and harrier hawks) frequent our plantation forests.  TIMBERLANDS Limited and Kaingaroa Timberlands have a special relationship with the endangered, notably the falcon, which appears in the Kaingaroa Timberlands logo.  NZ falcon are found at their highest densities of anywhere in New Zealand, in the Kaingaroa Forest.  This is because they favour the large clear areas created by harvesting, the multiple and well spread ages of the forest, and the relatively pest free environment.  

TIMBERLANDS Limited works closely with Wingspan to manage falcon in our forests.  In particular around nesting, jointly developed best practices are applied for operations near nesting falcon where TIMBERLANDS Limited support Wingspan to monitor and care for the birds until they fledge.  Kaingaroa Timberlands have been a long term sponsor of Wingspan’s NZ Birds of Prey Centre and their field monitoring activities.  KT have also sponsored two PhD as well as several post graduate studies on falcon behaviour and habitat in the Kaingaroa forest.  The results have been implemented into falcon management practices. See Wingspan for more information.

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