Kaingaroa Timberlands Kaitiaki o te Ngahere Scholarship

On behalf of Kaingaroa Timberlands we offer the Kaitiaki o te Ngahere scholarship. This scholarship is offered to students undertaking a course of study in a forestry discipline. Priority is given (but not limited) to students with a connection to the land on which Kaingaroa Timberlands holds forestry licences and who have resided in the central North Island. The scholarship covers the total cost of tuition fees for a period not exceeding four years. In addition to the scholarship, TIMBERLANDS' also offers work experience during  semester breaks.
If you wish to apply for a Kaitiaki o te Ngahere scholarship please refer to the following regulations and, subject to eligibility, complete the following application form. Scholarship applications are invited through to 31 March in the year of application.

KT Kaitiaki o te Ngahere Scholarship Application Form
KT Kaitiaki o te Ngahere Scholarship Regulation Sheet

Forestry Student Work Experience
TIMBERLANDS is able to offer limited placements for students to undertake paid employment over the summer break to complete the practical work experience requirements of your course of study, including if applicable, completing a dissertation. Priority will be given to Kaitiaki o te Ngahere scholarship recipients. If you wish to register your interest in work experience please click here.

KT Kaitiaki o te Ngahere Scholarship Recipient Profiles

With my dad and brother being involved with forestry plus my love for the outdoors I feel making forestry my career was the next natural step. After taking a gap year to work and travel around the world I was certain that forestry was my path. I was made aware of the KT Kaitiaki o te Ngahere scholarship after talking with an old friend who had received the scholarship in 2009 and had now begun permanent work with Timberlands. Through hearing what the scholarship offered - payment of course fees and holiday work - it was an opportunity I did not want to miss. Since receiving the scholarship in 2019 I have worked three summers for Timberlands in the Tree Crop Team. This practical work experience has been invaluable as it has helped me make connections and understand what I have been learning while completing the Bachelor of Forestry Science degree at the University of Canterbury. I am very grateful for the team at Timberlands and I would highly recommend applying for the KT Scholarship as it will open up a world of new opportunities! - Steven Bell

After receiving the Kaingaroa Timberlands Kaitiaki o te Ngahere scholarship during my first year at the University of Canterbury, the opportunities that this scholarship has created have been life changing. Firstly, the financial assistance this scholarship offers has been extremely beneficial. This allows me not only to focus more on my studies during the university terms but also substantially reduces the size of my student loan at the end of my degree. Over my last 3 summer breaks I have spent my time working for Timberlands. While being apart of this company I was given the opportunity to work with the Tree Crop team, the Sustainability team and the Technical team. I thoroughly enjoyed my summers at Timberlands as they allowed me to reinforce the knowledge I learnt during the year at the School of Forestry while also developing my knowledge while being out in the field. This opportunity allowed me to meet and work with previous graduates and likeminded individuals throughout the forestry industry. I believe this experience helped me become more confident with myself and the work that I do. I am looking forward to my future in forestry and can’t wait to see where my new career will lead me next. - Leah van Boven

I have always loved and been involved with the environment and the Kaituna Awa, only a short drive from my home in Tauranga Moana, and even nearer the Timberlands HQ, has been a playground for me growing up, with much of my time spent white water kayaking in this beautiful place. This connection to the environment and river ignited my passion for environmental science and led me to Geographic Information Systems (GIS). When I decided I would be interested in studying GIS at a tertiary level, I began looking into future prospects of a career in this field. This led me to Kaingaroa Timberlands who use specialised GIS operations in their forestry work. When I discovered that they had this incredible scholarship opportunity I jumped at the chance to apply and was so very lucky to have been awarded it. Not only has this scholarship provided me with the gift of relieving the financial burden of university, but they have also been so warm and welcoming of me into their operations. Before I had even been awarded the scholarship, I was invited to have a tour of their operations, from the technical, computational, and planning aspects, through to going into the field and seeing the lumber operations. This ignited my passion for GIS and its capabilities as it showed me the practical aspect of how I could make a difference using my degree. I cannot stress enough how phenomenal this scholarship has been for me as it has given me not only the financial help needed to complete my degree, but also a drive and passion for the subject I have come to love. Ngā mihi, Jacob Guccione


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