Radio / Communications

All forest contractors must operate with a VHF Radio and be assigned approved forest radio channels.

Radio use must be in accordance with the TL Radio Use Policy.

Emergency radio communications must follow the Emergency Procedure Sticker process.

Radio Headquarters

Forest communication is via a VHF network that is controlled through the local forest industry Radio Headquarters. This is owned and operated through a partnership of Kaingaroa Timberlands (managed by Timberlands Limited) and Tiaki (managed by Hancocks).  Other forest companies are able to access the network but must obtain permission and  pay a fee to the owners.  Please note it is illegal to install and use a VHF radio channel/frequency without the appropriate authority.

Please refer to Page 2 of the Narrow Band Radio Channel Changes Notice below for a list of channels and thier purposes, together with the application form below to install channels. 

Radio Headquarters Contacts:
Phone: 07 350 1122
Office Hours: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm; Monday to Friday (not including public holidays)

Forest Radio Channel Changes - "Narrow Banding"

Contractors are required to reprogram forest radios by 1 January 2016.  Timberlands approval is required to program the new channels. Completed application forms should be returned to CNML for approval and ANI issue. Please refer to the following:

Narrow Band Radio Channel Changes Notice

Narrow Band Radio Channel Application Form

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