Graduate Opportunities

Graduate Positions

In the final year of study, prior to graduating, students have the opportunity to apply for a graduate position with TIMBERLANDS. These positions are offered annually with an expected start date of January to February of the coming year. Graduate positions are of a two-year fixed term duration, during which time, graduates are rotated throughout the business to build practical skills and knowledge across all forest management disciplines. Towards the end of the programme, graduates have the opportunity to apply for any permanent positions that become available within the company. If you wish to register your interest in a graduate position please click here.

Graduate Student Profiles:

The graduate program provides a wide variety of opportunities and experiences across all aspects of forestry. Since working for Timberlands, I have expanded and put in to practice my forestry knowledge gained from studying Forestry Science at the University of Canterbury, as well as summer jobs worked throughout my degree. Operational roles available at Timberlands have a great balance between office and field work, offering a unique indoor/outdoor work dynamic. Throughout my graduate program at Timberlands, I have spent time in all the teams, including finance, health and safety, tree crop (silviculture), technical and harvesting. This has seen me manage planting and harvesting crews, develop mobile applications, go on environmental helicopter flights and work on technology-based projects to name a few highlights. As I moved through the business, I built good relationships with all my colleagues at Timberlands. The biggest take away from the program has been getting a taste of all areas of forestry, helping to guide me on my next step in my forestry career. - Zak Jacobs



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