Safety & Risk

Timberlands is Committed to Health & Safety

"Timberlands Limited is committed to managing a safe working environment to reduce the incidents that cause fatalities and serious disablement."

Safety Warnings!







Report Hazards
to Timberlands Limited

New or Increased Hazards Update:

There are a number of new or increased hazards in the
Kaingaroa forest estate and in particular on roads,
for example:

  • Slips
  • Fallen trees
  • Washouts
  • Ponding
  • Single lanes
  • Speed restrictions
  • Machinery operating to repair damage
  • Public – some access is permitted for people cut off by
    damage to public roads (see below).

Please report any issues, in particular significant safety or environmental hazards to Timberlands Limited.

Always drive to the conditions

Kaingaroa Forest Now OPEN

Forest & Road Update: 8:45 am Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Kaingaroa Forest Estate has been assessed and arterial roads are now OPEN - refer to road update below. Graders are operating on these roads so caution around machinery and loose or slippery surfaces is required. Please be aware that there may be hazards that we are not aware of so please DRIVE TO THE CONDITIONS and always be vigilant of your surroundings. Cooksfoot Road also now OPEN.

State Highways:

  • SH 38 between Murupara and Te Whiti remains CLOSED to the public for repairs.

Arterial Road Access:

  • All arterial roads are OPEN, however one lane operating by the Murupara overhead bridge on Pekepeke/Railway Road. EXTREME CAUTION is necessary and obey all signage.

Roads CLOSED (Specific Warning Roads) are:

  • Te Papa Roads – access only with TL authorisation.
  • Waipunga Road suffered damage during the storm events and access on this road is currently not advised.
  • No 3 Road - The bottom section of No 3 Road has been CLOSED until further notice, due to damage to the Reihana culvert.

Minor Road Access:

  • Minor road access may still be restricted in some places. Please access with utmost caution and report any hazards to Timberlands.

Harvesting/Distribution Access:

  • Most harvesting crews have full access however some are being managed on a case by case basis. Please liaise with your relevant TL Manager. 
  • Also ensure your service suppliers are aware of any new or increased hazards.

Safety Comes First!

Health & Safety starts with YOU! We want everyone that enters the forests and sites we manage to return home safely at the end of each day. To achieve this requires robust safety policies & procedures, competently trained staff & contractors to carry out tasks, effective communication, and commitment by all parties to follow the safety policies and procedures to reduce risk. Please refer to our Forest Access page for specific Forest Access and Closure information.

Emergency Procedures

Pleaser refer to theEmergency Procedures sticker or Emergency Plan for further details.

Health & Safety Reporting

TIMBERLANDS Limited uses the online SCRIM application for reporting and managing safety, environmental and security related incidents and hazards.

Please refer to the online  application to report your incident. 

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