Commercial forests are multi-hazard working sites, therefore anyone wishing to access forest estates managed by TIMBERLANDS Limited, by vehicle or for hunting or fishing, must obtain an access permit and abide by the GENERAL FOREST ACCESS RULES as outlined below. This ensures TIMBERLANDS Limited can provide information on hazards and other access conditions - See link to Forest Access & Closures. Details of how and where permits can be obtained are listed below. Permits are only issued for:

  1. RECREATIONAL ACCESS - For Hunting & Fishing during permitted periods only.
  2. BUSINESS ACCESS - For Approved Suppliers or Commercial Businesses.

Please Note:

  • Access may be closed to all or parts of forest's managed by TIMBERLANDS Limited at short notice during periods of high risk (e.g., forest operations, elevated fire danger levels or extreme winds etc).
  • Permits will not be issued to anyone trespassed or in receipt of a warning from TIMBERLANDS Limited.
  • TIMBERLANDS Limited is aware that a group is issuing fake Recreational Permits for Kaingaroa Forests. Please be warned that valid permits can only be issued by FIRST Security or TIMBERLANDS Limited. Access without a VALID PERMIT will result in a Trespass Notice. Please see the  Trespass Information Notice for details.
  • Due to safety and commercial reasons, permits are not issued to the general public for firewood.
  • Goudies Road, located in Kaingaroa Forest, is a private forest road where access requires a permit. Unauthorised access may result in trespass. Only vehicles using Goudies Road for forest management related purposes or recreation (hunting access only) may be granted permits. 

Recreational Access Permits 

To be obtained from FIRST Security - Phone: 07 347 0297 or Email:

Recreational Permits are required for Hunting and Fishing Access. Anyone entering forests managed by TIMBERLANDS Limited for Recreational purposes must abide by the General Forest Access Rules & Safety Behaviour for Recreational Permit Holders.

HUNTING access is available in Kaingaroa, Whirinaki, and Rotoehu forests only.
FISHING access is only available to the water bodies in Kaingaroa Forest (i.e. Rangitaiki River, Flaxy Lake and Wheo River) and to Lake Rotomahana through Waimungu Forest. No hunting or fishing at any time in closed areas or in areas where 1080 has been applied. Refer to the  Forest Access and Closures section of the News and Events page.

Registrations & Applications are open for this year's hunting and fishing season (18 April 2015 - 27 September 2015 - now extended by two weeks to 11 October 2015).  To be eligible for a recreational access permit, you must now register annually with FIRST Security as per the Registration Fee Update Notice. You are encouraged to register early to ensure your permits can be processed by completing either a:

2015 Recreational Access Permit REGISTRATION FORM (including GST inclusive payment of $50 registration fee)
or a
Land Owner Registration Form

Recreational permits are limited to hunting and fishing in the designated areas only. Recreational access applies to daylight hours during the weekend and public holidays only. Recreational permits will be issued and must be carried at all times with a form of photo ID. NOTE When the fire danger (BUI) exceeds 15 (MODERATE Fire Danger Level), all forests may be closed to recreational users.

Recreational access permit applicants will need to provide FIRST Security the following information:

  • Driver's Licence
  • Vehicle Registration Number and proof of current WOF and Registration
  • Firearms Licence
  • Fishing or Game Bird Licence
  • Duly completed FIRST Security Recreational Permit Registration Form or Land Owner Registration Form*
  • $50 Permit Registration Fee (not required by verified land owners*).
  • Fishing and Hunting is closed to the public during the fire season when the fire danger (BUI) exceeds 15 (Moderate Fire Danger Level). See link to  Fire Danger Levels.
*Land owners already verified, are not required to re-verify as a land owner each year, however they are required to register each year through the FIRST Security process.

Recreational Access Permits Can Be Obtained From:

FIRST Security Guard Services Limited
23 Monokia Street, ROTORUA
Phone: 07 347 0297

FIRST Security is open Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. A permit box is situated outside their office where permits can be collected after hours, for people who live out of town or work fulltime and want to use a permit issued on a Friday to go hunting early on Saturday morning. If application time allows, FIRST Security will post out rural and out-of-town permits only.

Business Access Permits

To be obtained from Timberlands Limited - Phone: 343 1070 or Email:

Business Permits are required for approved Suppliers, Contractors, Research & Development and Services to Contractors. Anyone entering forests managed by TIMBERLANDS Limited for Business purposes, must abide by the General Forest Access Rules & Safety Behaviour for Business Permit Holders.

Applicants will be required to have a verified business reason to enter the forest and provide the following information: 

  • Some form of Photo Identification
  • Drivers Licence
  • Certificate of Insurance* - Requirements as follows:
    • High Risk Category (High risk includes machinery operators, transportation or use of hazardous substances).
      (i)   Public Liability Cover (minimum $10,000,000) and
      (ii)  Forest and Rural Fires Cover (minimum $2,000,000) and
      (iii) Motor Vehicle Cover Third Party and Public Liability (minimum $10,000,000)
    • Low Risk Category
      (i)   Public Liability Cover (minimum $5,000,000) and
      (ii)  Forest and Rural Fires Cover (minimum $1,000,000) and
      (iii) Motor Vehicle Cover Third Party and Public Liability (minimum $5,000,000)

*Please Note: A Certificate of Insurance/Currency must be provided with your application. Only a certificate from your insurer (not Broker), showing the company or applicant as the insured, will be accepted as proof of current insurance. Timberlands Limited retains the right to determine high or low risk).

If you are already on the TIMBERLANDS Limited permit issuing database you will not need to provide this information unless your details need updating, however you will be required to produce updated insurance certificates the next time you apply for a permit.

Business Access Permits Can Be Obtained From:

99 Sala Street
Phone: 07 343 1070

Timberlands' Office is open Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

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